Kentucky doesn't have a defense. They're not rated in the top 20 as far as the number of points opposing teams score on them so they can't be that good. If you get by their press, you've beaten Kentucky. Plus, they have no inside players so they'll be eaten alive by any team with a big man.

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Kentucky's defense starts with their press but it doesn't end there. They have an extremely tenacious half-court defense which can play the passing lanes due to the athletic ability of the entire team to retreat and help out. They can also afford to play with intensity since reserves can come in, in case of foul trouble or exhaustion. The press serves to wear out the other team and to not let them get into their half-court set easily. Once they are in their half-court set, Kentucky will double team men in the front-court and post players on the blocks.

The reason they aren't considered to be a great defensive team is that they have one of the most potent offenses in the country. The tempo they play at and the number of shots they take during a game guarantees the other team that they will have a number of opportunities to shoot the ball, therefore Kentucky's opponents will be able to score a lot of points in defeat. The true effect of the defense is revealed in the scoring margin and turnovers forced where Kentucky generally leads the nation.

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Jon Scott