Kentucky Players Chosen All-NCAA Regional

39 Players Chosen 53 Times

Alex Groza1947-48
Alex Groza1948-49
Bill Spivey1950-51
Bob Burrow1954-55
Bob Burrow1955-56
Johnny Cox1956-57
Vernon Hatton1957-58
Johnny Cox1957-58
Johnny Cox1958-59
Bill Lickert1960-61
Larry Pursiful1961-62
Cotton Nash1961-62
Louie Dampier1965-66
Pat Riley1965-66
Mike Casey1967-68
Dan Issel1967-68
Dan Issel1968-69
Dan Issel1969-70
Jim Andrews1971-72
Jim Andrews1972-73
Jimmy Dan Conner1974-75
Jack Givens1976-77
Jack Givens1977-78
Mike Phillips1977-78
Kyle Macy1977-78
Fred Cowan1979-80
Jim Master1982-83
Melvin Turpin1982-83
Dicky Beal1983-84
Sam Bowie1983-84
Melvin Turpin1983-84
Kenny Walker1984-85
Kenny Walker1985-86
Winston Bennett1985-86
Sean Woods1991-92
Jamal Mashburn1991-92
Travis Ford1992-93
Jamal Mashburn1992-93
Jared Prickett1992-93
Tony Delk1994-95
Tony Delk1995-96
Derek Anderson1995-96
Anthony Epps1995-96
Antoine Walker1995-96
Ron Mercer1996-97
Wayne Turner1996-97
Jeff Sheppard1997-98
Scott Padgett1997-98
Wayne Turner1997-98
Scott Padgett1998-99
Tayshaun Prince2001-02
Keith Bogans2002-03
Marquis Estill2002-03

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